Stepping Stones Through Grief

Family Concierge-Kevin M. Mason

The Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home is proud to offer Stepping Stones Through Grief to any family in need. 

 Stepping Stones Through Grief is a series of published age appropriate activities for children and families.  These activities include coloring activities, cross word puzzles, writing activities and so much more that children and parents can do together.  The goal behind these activity books is to help each child identify their feelings, have an open discussion about their feelings with a parent or adult while talking about and remembering the deceased.  How a child mourns depends on his/or age, level of maturity, what they know or believe about death, religious customs and their relationship to the deceased.

 These activities help each child through the grief process and encourage open honest communication about death and the deceased.  Many people have told us that doing some of the activities as a family, and having an open and honest conversation with the children has been so beneficial to the family.

The book "Traditions" is a simple read for adults. This book covers such topics as celebrating old traditions and incorporating new traditions in the absence of the deceased, how to remember the deceased during special occasions, how to find yourself in the grief process as well as activities the family can do together to work through the grief process.

 We also offer G.O.A. L. S  (Going on after loss successfully), our monthly support group.  Our Grief Counselor is also available for a one on one session or family sessions.  We are here to assist any family through the grief process. We are available at any hour if you need to talk.  Simply contact he funeral home at 362-0199.  Our Counselor will offer support and guidance over the telephone.

 The Stepping Stones Through Grief publications are written by Kevin M. Mason and Greta Barnett, Licensed Funeral Directors. These activity books are available to anyone in need by calling the funeral home at 362-0199. Many Grief Professionals such as, counselors at schools, hospice and churches have endorsed these publications.

 For more information or to receive your booklets do not hesitate to contact us a any hour.  Our Grief Counselor is also available to speak at Schools, Churches, Senior Centers and other organizations.  The Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home has an active and dedicated Speakers Bureau.