Send an Online Condolence

As a service to the families we are honored to serve, we invite you to leave a "personal message of condolence" to the family.
Your message will be forwarded directly to the funeral home. Every message of condolence will be placed in the family portfolio as a permanent keepsake in honor of the deceased. If you are attending calling hours or services, you may also bring a message of condolence with you. The Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home also provides complimentary sympathy and supports cards should you need one.

If you would like to send flowers, please contact the funeral home for recomendations. For a more personalized gift, we feature the M Boutique at the funeral home. The M Boutique features a fine line of sympathy, remembrance and keepsake gifts you may purchase. Our selection features, personalized candles, customized tribute plates hand painted by a local artist, throws, music boxes, picture frames, clocks, plaques, porcelin items, etc. We constantly add new items. Each gift comes with a card, tissue paper and gift bag. If your selection is customized, we will deliver your gift directly to the family when it is available. Please contact us for more information or visit the M Boutique on our website.

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