The merchandise at the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home includes metal, steel, bronze/copper and wood caskets.  We also pride ourselves on our selections of urns, keepsake jewelry, cremation keepsakes, vaults, urn/vaults, register books, memorial programs, Veteran's Amenities and so much more. 

Should you choose a traditional funeral with a casket, you will be presented with many options to choose from.  Whether your preference is metal or wood, you will find a wide selection to choose from.  We can offer you choices in interior fabric and design as well as personalization options.  We have established relationships with all casket manufacturers enabling us to provide you with the highest quality at very reasonable prices.  If you choose cremation and would like to purchase an urn, keepsake jewelry or cremation keepsakes, you will find a large selection on display at the funeral home or you have the option of selecting your merchandise from one of our many catalogs.

Many families are making the decision to keep the cremains of their loved on at home.  Therefore, we carry a large selection of urns that do not resemble the "typical" urn in design.  Our urns include glass, cloisonn√©, wood, metal, marble, ceramic, plastic and other materials.  We also have established working relationships with most urn manufacturers and you can also choose an urn from one of their catalogs, usually with same day shipping.  Included in our selection of cremation options you will find a variety of keepsake jewelry, teddy bears, picture frames, home accessories designed to hold cremains.  Unique to the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home, we work directly with a local artist and wood crafter who together can design and make a customized urn to your exact specifications.  

While it is impossible to display every casket, urn or vault, we will offer you a large selection of the highest quality of merchandise at very reasonable cost.  Our merchandise selection also includes flag cases, a selection of Memorial DVD options, guest register books, prayer/memorial cards, Celebration of life candles, memory boards, hand painted commemorative plaques, acknowledgement selections, fresh and silk flower selections, mens and ladies clothing, pet urns and vaults, as well as personalization options.

 During the arrangement conference when you are meeting with the Funeral Director, you will be presented with a General Price List (GPL), a Casket Price List and a Vault Price List.  The Funeral Director will explain exactly what merchandise is required for the type of service you have selected and assist you in making an affordable selection to meet your needs.

Please never hesitate to visit us or ask questions about any of our services or merchandise.  You can be confident that whatever you select from the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home is of the highest quality and the absolute best price possible.  Our services, attention to detail, experience and expertise, our merchandise and ability to assist every family, regardless of financial circumstances, are the Hallmark of our business.

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