Choosing Cremation

Kevin M. Mason - CremationChoosing cremation, like choosing a traditional funeral is a personal choice. Cremation is an irreversible and final process.  Cremation is carried out by placing the deceased into a cremation chamber where intense heat and flames are applied.  The heat and flame will incinerate and consume everything except bones and metal, which is left after cremation.  Cremated remains are pulverized until no single fragment is recognizable as skeletal tissue.  The cremation is performed at a crematory, not the funeral home.  The Funeral Director will provide you with a list of each crematory and what they charge to perform the cremation.
Cremation is more economical than choosing a traditional funeral with burial or entombment.  You may choose direct cremation or a wake with open or closed casket, a funeral service or a church service followed by cremation.  If you choose cremation, you have many choices for celebrating the life of the deceased.  For example; you may have a funeral service, a church service, calling hours with an urn, celebration of life, memorial service, etc. 
Choosing cremation does not limit you to merchandise selection.  We have many urns, urn/vaults, cremation jewelery & keepsakes, thumbies, stuffed animals and so much more to offer our families.
At the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home our cremation services, as with our traditional services are affordable, dignified and respectful.  We are proud of the many personalization options and tribute options we can offer each family.  As always, we invite your comparison.